The Arranged Marriage

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"You're engaged to be married."

My father didn't ask for my permission. He told me that I would marry a man I've never met. Wealthy. Powerful. And a complete stranger.

Perry Constantine is known as the life of the party.

And yet he presents a very different face to me behind closed doors.

He's hiding a secret darkness.

"As your future husband, I have every right to tell you what to do whenever I want."

I'm the good, dutiful daughter, so I'll follow my father's commands.

But my husband's? Absolutely not.

Not even in the bedroom.

No matter how much he makes me ache.

The Arranged Marriage is a boxed set that contains the complete Wedded Bliss trilogy, including THE RELUCTANT BRIDE, THE RUTHLESS GROOM, and THE RECKLESS UNION. This can be read as a standalone!

Boxed Set of the  Wedded Bliss Series