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Saving It Now Available!

Eden: Josh Evans and I have been best friends forever. He knows all my secrets, and I know all of his. So when he randomly asks me to help him lose his virginity, I sort of flip out. That’s a question that sends your mind to places you’ve seriously never considered before. Like, you know. Having sex. With your best friend. Except Josh doesn’t want to have sex with me—he wants me to help him find a girl. A nice girl who’s funny and smart and cute. Except he already knows a girl just like that…

Josh: Eden Sumner is my best friend. So of course she’d be the person to help me find my perfect match, so I can drop my V card before I head off to college. Except the more we search, the more I realize that maybe the right girl has been by my side all along. I don’t need Eden’s help in finding me a girl to love. I’m pretty sure I’m already in love with Eden. But now she thinks I’m only after one thing…with anyone but her.

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Why I Love Writing YA Contemporary Romance

I’ve been reading young adult books for years. I’ve probably read far more YA books these last few years than I ever did when I was an actual young adult (and trust me, I read a TON back in the day!). There are so many amazing YA books out there, so many great authors, that of course, I got swept up in the whole, “Hey, I wanna write this type of book,” feeling a few years ago. So I did write a few YA books. And I still am writing YA books. It’s my current favorite type of book to write, especially the YA contemporary romance. So here is a list of reasons why I absolutely love writing about…teen love. 💖


  1. There is nothing better than that first serious crush. That boy or girl you’re crazy for, and you think (hope) he/she feels the same way. Ah, it’s agonizing and wonderful and painful and exciting all at once! And what a great way to relive it by writing about those first moments in a YA romance…
  2. I am currently immersed in teen land. My daughter is in the eighth grade and my son is in the seventh. I am surrounded by teens and preteens all the time. We go to the local high school’s football games – and I am hit by constant inspiration. Meaning I am on writer idea overload and have way too many ideas I could never get to in my lifetime. And that is a GREAT thing!
  3. I feel that writing YA romance is a natural fit for me. Fun fact: I’ve received a few rejections over the years for having a too young voice. Yeah, like it’s a bad thing! Well, it was a bad thing for those particular manuscripts I submitted, but let’s move on from that *winks*. It’s not always easy, capturing a young voice. I have to thank my children again for helping me with that, and keeping me on trend. Even though I will never figure out Snapchat (hangs head in shame, don’t know why I have such a hard time with it)…
  4. So much happens when you’re a teen. There are a lot of changes – some of them good, some of them bad, a lot of them dramatic. This is all great stuff to write about. Everyone can relate to being a teen because guess what? We all have been one, once upon a time. Every single one of us! So YA books are totally relatable. As in, we can all see a tiny bit of ourselves in characters.
  5. YA readers are so awesome! They are dedicated, they are rabid readers who devour a lot of books and when they love a particular book, they let the whole world know. I love that. I love their enthusiasm and how giddy they are over a certain couple or story. I remember feeling that way when I was young. Heck, I still feel that way now.

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