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Three Broken Promises First Chapter!!!

Yes, my darling friends, I’ve been given permission to share the prologue and first chapter from THREE BROKEN PROMISES, otherwise known as Jen and Colin’s book.

I’m both excited and nervous to share this with you. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think. I’m almost finished writing their book and I want you to love Jen and Colin as much as you love Drew + Fable. Those are some big (and scary!) shoes to fill!

*Edited to add: You can preorder THREE BROKEN PROMISES for your Kindle here. And you can add TBP to your Goodreads shelves here.

So here you go. Please note – this version is unedited so please forgive all typos and errors. This version is also subject to change in regards to the final book.


Random Drew + Fable Scene

This scene has haunted me for weeks so I finally got it down on paper. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it but in the meanwhile, I’m sharing this with you, my lovely, happy little Drew + Fable fans.

You guys, I miss them so much. So here’s a Mother’s Day present to me, to you, to everyone who loves Drew + Fable. I was inspired after walking through a particular store a few weeks ago and thought, “What the hell would Drew do in a place like this?”

Well, here you go:

I enter the store—the very well known lingerie and underwear national chain store I’ve never dared step into before in my life—as if compelled by some unseen, magical force.

A force that says, you want to see Fable in sexy lingerie during your vacation, right? Well, get in there and buy her some.

Intimidated is the perfect word for what I’m feeling as I walk around. The place smells good, the lighting is perfect, casting everything on display in a sparkling glow and the song playing overhead is familiar yet…not. I’m surrounded and I mean literally surrounded by little scraps of fabric, sheer and lacy and bright and colorful and my brain is awhirl at the idea of Fable wearing any of it.

All of it.

And then me stripping her right back out of it.

I stop at a table that has black lacquered trays full of panties in a variety of colors. Reaching out, I run my finger along the waistband of one, the silky lace soft to the touch and I imagine Fable wearing them. Emboldened, I grab them, notice that they’re pretty skimpy and her ass would basically be fully exposed, which isn’t a bad idea if you ask me because hey, easy access and…

“Sir? Do you need some help?”

I drop the panties as if they set my fingers on fire and whirl around to find a woman dressed all in black standing before me, a pleasant smile on her face, a discreet nametag on her shirt. “No, just looking,” I answer, my cheeks hot with embarrassment.

I’m such an idiot. I can’t even shop for panties for my freaking fiancé without looking like a complete bumbling dope. I need to man the hell up.

Her smile grows. “If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask. My name is Lara.”

“Will do. Thanks.” I nod, swallowing hard, still feeling like an ass. But I resume my search the moment Lara walks away, my gaze alighting on the skimpy little set I first saw in the window. The set that drew me into this torturous, way-out-of-my-element store in the first place.

Little ruffled panties and a matching ruffled bra top with a flowing, sheer piece that would cover her stomach, it’s lacy and sweet and sexy as hell all in one. I check the size, see that it’s a medium and wonder if it would fit. Glancing around, no one’s paying attention to me so I pull the lingerie off the rack and examine it, knowing it’s too big for my girl.

I need a small, or maybe even an extra small. But her boobs are pretty big so maybe a small? Hell, I don’t know her bra size, not like I pay attention to that stuff, I’m usually too eager to take it off and get her naked. But I need to know this, right? We’re getting married. We’re going to be in each other’s life forever and I should definitely know if she wears size small or extra small panties and if she’s a B cup or a C.

Totally figuring she’s a C, what with the way they fill my palms…

“What are you doing?”

I set the hanger back on the rack with a loud clatter and look up to see Fable standing before me, looking infinitely amused at my expense. Her arms are crossed in front of her, plumping up her breasts so I get a plentiful view of her cleavage peeking from the neckline of her bright pink tank top. Her lush, glossed lips are quirked in a secretive smile and her long blonde hair is pulled into a high ponytail, she looks fresh and pretty and pride fills my chest because she’s mine.

All mine.

Not even thirty minutes ago, we’d walked into the mall together before going our separate ways. Now I’m drinking her in like I haven’t seen her in hours. Days. My hands clench at my sides and I wonder how much longer she’s going to make me hang out in this lame ass mall before we can go back home.

And I can get her naked in bed.

“Checking stuff out,” I say nonchalantly, feeling like a kid who just got busted shoplifting.

“Uh huh. I didn’t think this was your type of store, Drew.”

“When I’m shopping for my fiancé, it is.” I flick through the hangers, find a size small and pull the lingerie set out to show her. “What do you think of this?”

Her eyes meet mine, that sexy little smile still curving her lips. “I like it. What’s the special occasion?”

“Our vacation? You need new stuff to wear to bed, right?” I shrug, curling my fingers tight around the hanger when she takes a few steps toward me, until she’s invading my space and standing so close, her breasts brush against my chest. She grips my hips with her tiny hands, standing on tiptoe so she can whisper in my ear.

“For our vacation? I planned on wearing nothing to bed at night,” she murmurs, her breath hot against my cheek as she slowly pulls away.

Time stops as we stare at each other. In a week we’re going to be all alone on a tropical island far away from here. Owen will be either at his friend’s house or Jen’s. Fable’s comfortable knowing someone she can trust will be keeping an eye on her brother.

We need this time together alone. I can’t freaking wait to leave and neither can she. I don’t know what she’s thinking but my mind is suddenly full of about a million different, equally dirty thoughts and I’m ready to get the hell out of here.

“Guess we don’t need it then,” I say as I blindly reach out and set the hanger back on the rack where it belongs, entranced by the adoring glow in her eyes as she gazes up at me.

Fable grabs my hand, leading me out of the store and I follow her. I’ll always follow her. She owns me.

And she knows it.

*Bonus* Deleted Scene!

First, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading Second Chance Boyfriend (and One Week Girlfriend!). You are all amazing! Thank you for making my release week for SCB such a whirlwind of overwhelming, mind boggling happiness. You guys rock.

So here’s the bonus scene I promised you. It’s from the part of the book where Drew + Fable decide to hide away from the world and pretend they’re normal. Away from their problems, their issues, all the negativity. They just want to lose themselves in each other.

Trying to find the normal is hard when you don’t quite know how to reach for it. Both Fable and I know this. We’ve been through a lot. Too much. Finding each other, finally together again, allows us to cling to one other while the storm surges on around us.

We are each other’s center. I never thought I could have this with someone. But I found it.

With Fable.

“Tell me about the tattoo.” Her soft voices reaches deep within me, touching my heart, making it constrict and I tilt my head to watch as she moves down the length of my body, examining the tattoo I wrote specifically for the girl who means more to me than any other person in this entire world.

“What do you want to know?” I suck in a harsh breath when she traces the words on my ribcage with her fingertips, her feather light touch sending shivers through me.

“When did you have it done?” A soft sigh escapes her. “I really love it, you know. It’s the most romantic gesture ever.”

“Not even two weeks after we came back.” I grab her other hand and entwine our fingers, bringing our linked hands to my mouth so I can brush a kiss to her knuckles. “When did you get yours?”

“Around the same time.” She leans in, presses her mouth against my skin, directly on the tattoo and I close my eyes, sinking my free hand into her hair, my fingers threading through the tousled strands. “I can’t believe you wrote this for me and had it permanently etched into your skin.”

“Fable. When are you going to realize how much you mean to me?” I tug on her hair but she won’t look up at me. She’s too busy raining tiny kisses all over the tattoo, her tongue darting out to lick.

Just like that I want her. But we’ve been doing this for hours. We’re both tired. I can hardly keep my eyes open. It’s like we’re making up for lost time.

Which we probably are.

“Come here.” I pull her into my arms so  our bodies are aligned, the both of us lying on our sides, facing each other. “We should sleep.”

She smiles, like she’s up to something. “Maybe I don’t want to sleep.”

I think she’s trying to kill me with sex. What a way to go though. “I need to get some shut eye. So do you.”

“What, are you an old man now?” Her smile grows, her eyelids heavy. She’s taunting me. Naked and sleepy and so damn beautiful I want to growl and pounce like some sort of animal.

“No.” I kiss her, drink from her lips, taste her tongue with mine. It’s a lazy kiss. Slow and meandering, as if we have all the time in the world and when I break the kiss first, she sighs, the sound full of so much happiness I’m tempted to jump her. “I’m exhausted. And you look ready to pass out.”

“Fine,” she sighs. “For a few hours then.”

“Right.” I hold her close, my arms wrapped around her, my hand resting on her middle. “A few hours.”

We’re silent for long, peaceful minutes. I’m just about to drift off when I hear her soft voice.

“Drew, can I ask you a question?”

“Hmm.” I trace circles on her bare stomach, my eyes still closed, her hair in my face. I know I’ll say yes to whatever she asks, I’m feeling that good. That content.

“Are we ever going to leave this bed?”

I crack open my eyes to find her looking up at me, her brows raised in question. “Do you want to?”

A smile curls her lips. They’re swollen, probably because I’ve kissed her too damn much but how can I resist her? “Not really.”

“Then no. For the next hmm…twelve hours let’s stay right here.”

“Together?” she whispers.

I pull her in as close as I can, until she’s practically on top of me. “Forever.”