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Vote for Drew in Round 1 of the #NACrushTourney14

Hello all of you Marshmallow Lovers! My guy, Drew Callahan was nominated into the NA Crush Tourney for the 2nd year in a row and is being advocated by Christine from i*Heart*BigBooks (and i cannot lie…)!

His match has now gone live at 11:59 EST Monday, June 30th and will last 24 hours until 11:59 EST Tuesday, July 1st!

He’s battling against T.H. Snyder’s Lincoln in round 1, and if he advances, will face off against Jamie McGuire’s Travis! So let’s get voting and show everyone that Drew deserves to be the 2014 NA Crush of the year!

To thank you for all of your support, we have some insane giveaways for you #TeamDrew voters!

But most importantly, if Drew advances through the next few rounds of the tourney, you will be treated with a BONUS never before seen Drew + Fable scene!

Don’t YOU want this scene?!

So, check out the post, vote, share, and vote some more! Be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post for your chance to win Signed Books, e-books, and swag galore!



Check out this #TeamDrew video that Christine created:

CAUTION: Contents involve extremely hot substances. Please sit down while consuming. Possible symptoms include swooning, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, and fullness of heart. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please vote for Drew IMMEDIATELY in the poll at NA Alley. You have been warned.

Have you swooned yet?
Drew Callahan is perfectly imperfect. He is the full package and he can be YOUR choice for this year’s 2014 New Adult Crush. Won’t you make him yours?


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