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OWG Four Year Anniversary

I am a total cornball, but when I look back over the last four years since ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND came out, I can’t believe all the goodness that came from that one little book. So. Much. Goodness. And I had no clue. My first post on my website appeared on December 31st, 2012. I said something along the lines of, “I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a good year!”

A complete understatement. 2013 was an amazing, outrageous, scary, anxious, wonderful, fabulous year. With the release of ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND, my career completely changed. My life completely changed. And I have the readers to thank for that. Drew + Fable too, for sure, but also the readers. Here’s a snippet from a post I made a week after ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND released:

I must confess. This has been the most amazing, exhilarating week ever. The support I’ve received from readers and reviewers, bloggers…it overwhelms me to the point of happy tears, I swear. I never expected this reaction to Drew + Fable. I certainly didn’t think it would happen this fast. The book only came out a week ago and it’s ranked 171 at the Amazon Kindle store! OMG!

I was just so freaking thrilled with the response! I’d never felt so much reader love before. It was great. But I must say…with my career changing so dramatically, I also took on a lot of projects. I also wrote under another name so I had contracts to fulfill for Karen too. It became overwhelming. I was stressed. I don’t really remember the summer of 2013. My family went on and did all sorts of things and I either stayed home and wrote or I was traveling. By late 2014 I was exhausted, not in the best health and I felt disconnected to my children. So in 2015 I started to slow down (my family would laugh at this but I really did slow down. Sort of). In 2016 I consciously took time off. Something I hadn’t done in YEARS. And peeps, it’s been nice. I’m closer than ever to my family, I feel good and I still somehow had eight books release between my two names in 2016. Crazy!

This year though, it’s sort of a blank slate. And that excites me. All the new possibilities to write something different. Though yes, of course, there are books coming. I have SAFE BET out today, I have another FRIENDS book coming very soon and I also have a YA thriller coming out in early 2018 from Entangled Teen. Otherwise, I gotz nothing. And I’m okay with that.

But enough about my sappy ramblings. SAFE BET is out today! The fourth book in The Rules series, this book is really a mashup between The Rules series and the One Week Girlfriend series (the story involves Sydney, who’s Gabe’s (IN THE DARK) sister and Wade, who’s Owen’s (FOUR YEARS LATER) best friend. Plus, Drew + Fable are all over it. All. Over. It! They play a huge part in this story and I hope all the Drew + Fable fans enjoy the little glimpse into their life. It was so much fun going back to their world. It always is. Hey I might write a story someday with Drew + Fable as the grandparents. You never know peeps!

You can grab SAFE BET for only $2.99 here: Amazon US | iBooks | B&N | Kobo | Google PlayAmazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU 

Add SAFE BET to your Goodreads shelf!

SafeBet AmazonSydney Walker’s new job is perfect. As the live-in nanny to the most famous quarterback in the NFL and his beautiful wife, she couldn’t have it any better. Their kids are adorable. Her bosses are more than generous. Plus, there are hot football players at the house all the time. Life can’t get much better than this.

Until her life turns into an absolute nightmare. The media is abuzz with rumors that she and her boss Drew Callahan are having a torrid affair. Everyone knows the truth—except the public. So Drew’s wife Fable comes up with the perfect idea.

She creates a fake relationship between Sydney and one of the rookie players on Drew’s team. Wade Knox is forever indebted to Drew and Fable and readily agrees to the set up. Pretending to be in a romantic relationship with the sexy nanny for a week—how hard can it be?

Crazy how it only takes one week for two people to fall head over heels in love…

(This mash-up new adult romance features characters from both the One Week Girlfriend series and The Rules series.)

Second Chance Boyfriend Anniversary Giveaway!

One year ago today (don’t pay attention to the release date my publisher changed it to – April 5th – they lied LOL) SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND went live at the various retailers. It was such an exciting time. The rush from all the reader response was incredible. I’ve had a lot of book release days (mostly as my other self Karen Erickson) but the day SCB came out was by far the best book release day EVER.


SCB683Hi original cover!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of SCB, I’m giving away books. But not here. Nope, all you need to do to enter is like my my giveaway photos. You can find them on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Winners will be chosen at random from the likes, retweets, etc. and announced here Friday, April 11th. Contests open internationally. Good luck!

Drew + Fable turn one year old…plus a contest!

OneWeekGirlfriend_200x300_zpse9e742efToday exactly one year ago, ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND went live on Amazon and B&N. I had low expectations for it. I published with pretty much zero fanfare and hoped readers would eventually discover it. I gave away a few copies to reviewers. I figured if it took off in any sort of way, it would be a slow build. I had time, I thought. And if no one notices it, oh well. At least I tried.

Peeps, by the next Friday I remember checking my Amazon sales constantly and I sold almost 1,000 copies that day. That felt so major to me. I couldn’t freaking believe it. I took my family out to dinner to celebrate and said, “It’s on Monica tonight!” because you know, my real name isn’t Monica. But anyway. It was an amazing time. And when I hit the USA Today bestseller list after I did a special birthday sale a month after it released…that was a special moment. Something as a writer I’d always wanted to do. A few days after OWG hit the list, I went to do a talk at a local writers (RWA – Romance Writers of America) chapter meeting in Southern California. So many readers came because I did the talk with…Sylvia Day. I was there as my Karen Erickson romance writer self.

No one knew I was Monica. I’d told a few very close writer friends and that was it. It was still my little secret. During the talk, I wanted to spring up from my chair and yell I AM MONICA MURPHY. I WROTE A BOOK AND JUST HIT THE USA TODAY BESTSELLER LIST. But I didn’t. I sat next to Sylvia (who is very gracious and a lovely person) and we talked about our books. I honestly figured no one would care about me and they would only care about Sylvia (because come on. She’s Sylvia Day) but they actually asked me questions and I had a great time bouncing off Sylvia as we talked about writing romance. Talk about a surreal moment…

But I digress with my memories. Because hey, we have a contest to share! Want to win a signed set of every print book in the series? You know you do. So enter below using the Rafflecopter form. Good luck!


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