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Troubled Tuesday #2

Only two weeks left until GAME FOR TROUBLE releases! Yay! So so excited. Have you added it to your Goodreads shelf yet? I’d love it if you did. If sexy football players do it for you then I think you’ll love the Game for It series!

Here’s another teaser – a sexier moment (warning – adult!) between Nick and Willow:

“Don’t give me any grief, woman. I’m not in the mood. We having this date tonight or what?”

“You tell me. Do you have plans to take me somewhere?” Heat zinged through her body. They needed to get out of her house. Before something dangerous happened.

Like the two of them falling into bed together. She’d changed clothes earlier, giving up on him even showing, but here he was, and here she stood. Wearing yoga pants and ready for bed.

Bed. Gulp.

He contemplated her, his jaw hard, his mouth grim. “If I told you where I wanted to take you tonight, I’m afraid you might slap my face.”

She went damp at his dark tone, his even darker stare. “Maybe I want you to take me there,” she whispered.

Oh crap. After worrying about something dangerous happening, she went and said that. What the hell was wrong with her?

Both brows went up as if he were surprised. Silly man. Didn’t he know how much she wanted him? Though honestly, even she wasn’t sure how much she wanted him. Her feelings for Nick confused the hell out of her. “Maybe you should hear where I’m talking about first before you jump to that conclusion.”


“Go ahead then. Say it.” She practically dared him to.

“All righty then. I want to take you inside your house, into your bedroom.” He took a step closer to her, his eyes never leaving her face. “Then I’m going to take off all your clothes until that pretty little body of yours is naked. Just for me.”

She swallowed hard, her mouth dry. Sounded good so far.

He advanced another step. “Then I’m going to strip off my clothes, because it’s not fair, spending quality time together with only one of us being naked and all.” Another step, until he was so close, his feet brushed against hers. “So once we’re both naked, I’m going to take you to your bed. Where I will keep on taking. And taking. And taking.”

Willow gave a little nod when he paused. Wanting him to continue. Desperate for him to continue. “And then?” she croaked.

He smiled—the first one she’d seen from him in a while. Even while watching him on TV playing his game yesterday, he’d been so grim faced and determined through most of it. Enough for the commentators to make constant remarks during the entire game, wondering at his somber, sad attitude. “And then I’m going to give you multiple orgasms. So many you’re probably gonna beg me to stop. Because they’ll end up taking you to another realm.”

She blinked—couldn’t find the strength to say a word, considering her head had just been wiped clean of all brain cells by what he’d just said to her. The heated promise in Nick’s voice, his smoldering gaze as he watched her… His eyes dropped to the door handle she gripped so tightly that surely she was white-knuckling it.

“Shut the door, darlin’.” Without thought she did as he asked, letting out a gasp when he grabbed hold of her hand and tugged, pulling her to him. “Come here.” He slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her close, causing her to collide into warm, solid man. She pressed her hands against his chest, lifted her lids so she could meet his searing gaze. He stared at her, his eyes dropping to her mouth for a long, lingering moment before he finally met her gaze once more.

“So we’re staying in tonight?” she asked weakly.

He grinned, his bright smile making her stomach flutter. “Definitely.”

Enjoy? You can preorder GAME FOR TROUBLE at: Amazon | B&N | iBooks

Troubled Tuesday

GforTSo three weeks from today, GAME FOR TROUBLE (written as my Karen Erickson self) is coming out. I am so excited for peeps to read this book. It’s part of the Game for It series with Entangled’s Brazen line (first book was GAME FOR MARRIAGE) and the series focuses on the sexy football players from my very own fictional team the San Jose Hawks.

And let me tell you, Nick Hamilton is a sexy beast. Willow Cavanaugh is his perfect match. I had so much fun writing these two, especially when they battle. And they love to battle. Here’s a little taste:

“If I could hit you right now, I so would.” Willow’s voice tore him straight out of his thoughts.

Blinking, he focused on the angry woman sitting beside him. She did look ready to punch him, if her clenched fists were any indication.

“You wouldn’t dare,” he drawled, sounding a lot more sure than he felt.

She nodded furiously, all that pretty dark hair sliding down her back. Damn, she captivated him like no other. “Don’t tempt me.”

He arched a brow. Rather apt choice of words. “Listen, I’m not trying to pull something over on you or anything. It’s a coincidence, pure and simple.”

“Coincidence.” She spit the word out. “Feels more like a set up.”

“Not quite. I consider myself lucky you fell so spectacularly into my lap.” He grinned.

“If you pull me into your lap, I swear to God I’ll punch you so hard in the balls you’ll see stars,” she threatened.

His grin falling away, he turned his attention to Frank, who sat silent, gaping like a fish as he watched them, his head bouncing back and forth as if he were at a tennis match. “Frank, my friend, could you do us a favor and let us have a private moment, please?”

“Absolutely. You two take your time.” Frank hightailed it out of the room so fast the door shut behind him before he could get the last word out.

Willow stood the moment Frank was gone, staring down at Nick with so much irritation in her gaze he wondered if she’d burn him on the spot. “How dare you play games with me. This is my business, my future. And here you sit, as rich as can be, holding everything I could ever want in your hands without a care in the world.”

He leaned back in his seat, sprawling his legs in front of him so that his feet were planted on either side of Willow. He wanted her closer. He wished he could jerk her into his lap and drown in that sweet-tasting mouth of hers but she’d cut him where he sat, so he kept a semi-safe distance between them. “You’re just as rich,” he pointed out.

She frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Oh, gimme a break. Daddy Cavanaugh cut you off or what? You got money, Will. I know you do.” He cocked a brow and twisted his lips in a shitty little smirk that she’d most likely hate, deliberately provoking her.

“I refuse to accept any help from my father. I want to do this on my own.” She crossed her arms in front of her chest, lifting her nose in the air—all haughty, gorgeous princess.“I started this business with nothing. On a total whim, I might add, as a favor to friends. How was I supposed to know I could make a career out of making cotton candy? But I did. And it just took off. Trust me, he’s tried to help, but I refused him. More than once.”

“Why would you do that?” Nick had always admired her spunk. She found something she wanted, she went after it. Once upon a time, he’d been the one she wanted, and she came right after him—not that he’d given her much of a challenge. He still wasn’t a challenge when it came to Willow.

Too damn bad she was the one who now challenged him on a constant basis. Frustrated the hell out of him, too. If he could get her to give in one time, he’d be set.

“I want respect. I can do this. All of it. This is my business, all mine. I don’t want anyone, specifically my father, funding any part of it.” She cleared her throat. He knew whose respect she was looking for—her parents’. What with her too busy daddy and neglectful mama, the girl had been surrounded by nothing but shitty role models her entire life. How she turned out so driven and smart, he hadn’t a clue.

“Well, I respect the hell out of you for trying this on your own.” He saw the flicker of pleasure in her gaze at his words. Damn if he didn’t want to see that again.

Like it? Add GAME FOR TROUBLE to your Goodreads shelf and pre-order at:  Amazon | B&N | iBooks

Bloggers! Have You Read Game For Marriage?

So I wrote this book as my other self (Karen Erickson) and GAME FOR MARRIAGE came out in January. Right around the time ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND did, as a matter of fact. Can I admit I was a total stress ball during this time? I had two pen names, two books out at the same time and they were both doing pretty great. I seriously thought OWG would be a slow burn and instead it turned into a raging wildfire. And you know what, GFM was a raging wildfire too! It was the number one bestselling series romance on Amazon. Not bad right?



Fast forward to…now. The second book in the Game for It series, GAME FOR TROUBLE, will be available October 28th. Review copies will be available soon. So my dearest bloggers and reviewers, I’m offering the first in the series, GAME FOR MARRIAGE to you for review if you haven’t read it yet. Please email me at missmonicamurphy @ (minus spaces) and I’ll get a copy to you!

If you’d like to get on the list for review copies of GAME FOR TROUBLE, email me at the above address and I’ll add you! As soon as the review copies are available, I’ll send one your way! Here’s the cover for GAME FOR TROUBLE (I love this cover!) and blurb:



He’ll play dirty to get what he wants…

Willow Cavanaugh would be happy if she never saw Nick Hamilton again. Sure, they had a short-lived fling many years ago, but now he’s back and acting like he wants a second chance. But Willow knows he’s way too much of a playboy to want to settle down with one woman. Plus, she’s got her heart set on a piece of real estate for her catering business that it turns out Nick owns…

Nick may be at the top of his game, but all he really seems to want is Willow. When he offers to sell Willow his commercial space if she agrees to a series of dates with him, jumping back into bed after each one seems like an inevitability. But what about when real feelings get involved?

Psst…Bloggers! I have something brewing for you too. A very special something I can’t wait to share. More info coming soon!