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Safe Bet Excerpt Reveal!

Hey peeps! We’re two days away from the release of SAFE BET and to tide you over until then, I have a little sneak peek for you to read! Hope you enjoy!

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“Drew!” Fable calls, waving him over. “Come meet Sydney.”

He starts to head over there and when he sends me a look over his shoulder, I reluctantly follow him. I really don’t need to be involved in this scenario, but I just can’t tell him that, can I? It would be rude. And I’m never rude to Drew and Fable.


“Sydney, this is my husband, Drew. Drew, this is Sydney Walker. She’s going to be our new nanny,” Fable says, sounding pleased. She looks over at her husband with a little wince. “I hope you don’t mind that I went ahead and hired her.”

“Of course I don’t mind. I trust your judgment.” Drew turns to greet Sydney. “Good to meet you,” he says as he gives Sydney a firm handshake. She’s staring up at him, her lips slightly parted, her eyes wide. Full on awestruck, which is typical. He’s a superstar. That’s how most people look at Drew when they first meet him.

“Hi,” she squeaks, her cheeks going pink as she releases Drew’s hand. Her gaze slips to mine, and then flitters away. But that one quick glance was like a sucker punch to my gut.

The nanny is beautiful.

I take a deep breath, shoving my hands in my jeans’ pockets so I won’t do something stupid—like try to grab her. She has pretty blue eyes and a full mouth that’s made for kissing. Her curves are even lusher than I first realized. She has full hips and a tiny waist and shapely legs. But I can’t worry about pretty nannies right now. I have to concentrate on work.

It still blows my mind that I might play for the NFL. That football is my job. I’m a lucky son-of-a-bitch.

“Sydney, this is Wade Knox. He’s an old family friend,” Fable says, knocking me from my thoughts. I blink and look down to find Sydney smiling up at me, interest clearly showing in her gaze. Hmm. “Wade, this is Sydney.”

“Hey Sydney.” I shake her hand, electricity pulsing between us the moment our palms touch. She jerks her hand away from mine as if I burned her. Guess she felt it too.


“Nice to meet you,” she murmurs as she takes a step back. Like she needs the distance.

Even more interesting.

We make small talk for a few minutes before Fable takes Sydney back to the house, and the moment the door shuts behind them, Drew’s talking.

“The nanny’s cute,” he observes, his voice way too nonchalant.

“Uh huh.”

“She looked at you like she thought you were cute, too.”

I roll my eyes. He never says stuff like this, so what’s his deal? “Cute? What are you doing? Trying to play matchmaker?” I send him a pointed look. “Give me a break. I don’t need the distraction.”

*  *  *

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In the Dark Coming Soon!

There’s a lot happening these next two weeks, and all of it is in celebration of the release of IN THE DARK, coming August 25th!


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Stealing Rose Book Trailer & Excerpt!

We are days away from the release of STEALING ROSE, second in The Fowler Sisters trilogy, and I’m so incredibly excited for you all to meet Caden. He’s such a sexy, dirty talking bad guy, but with a heart of gold. No wonder Rose is so drawn to him…want to read an excerpt? Check it out HERE!

Hope you enjoy the book trailer for STEALING ROSE – I love it!

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