Another Giveaway!

So Becky over at the Reality Bites! Let’s Get Lost! blog gave ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND a four heart review and I’m giving away a copy of the book over there too. Here’s a snippet of the review (which made me squee with happiness):

“This author has taken a story that has been done by many others but twisted it into something fresh and unique. I read this book in ones sitting because I could not stop until I knew what was going to happen! I am going to tell you up front this is another one of those cliff hanger books. So, prepare yourself to be left wanting more…”

Thank you so much Becky! Head over there for a chance to win, PLUS if you’re on Facebook, go to their page where they’re having another chance to win ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND. Yay!

I must confess. This has been the most amazing, exhilarating week ever. The support I’ve received from readers and reviewers, bloggers…it overwhelms me to the point of happy tears, I swear. I never expected this reaction to Drew + Fable. I certainly didn’t think it would happen this fast. The book only came out a week ago and it’s ranked 171 at the Amazon Kindle store! OMG!

The wonderful reviews, the sweet emails and messages on Goodreads and Facebook, the fabulous reviewers….wow. I don’t know what else to say. Well, I know one thing I can say:

And incredibly grateful. *sniff sniff*

Interview + Giveaway!

I’m over at Mostly YA Book Obsessed today…I was interviewed, I shared an excerpt from One Week Girlfriend and you have a chance to win a copy of OWG too. Pretty cool, right? So head on over there and check it out!

(Okay his hair’s all wrong but this could totally be Drew + Fable. Probably from a porn though. Pfft…)

I Need a Title…

I’m currently working on the followup book to One Week Girlfriend (insert screaming panic – God, I hope you all like it) and I…don’t know what to call it. All the title possibilities I come up with sound super cheesy. Like so bad, I can’t even admit them here because you’ll all laugh at me.

I could call it the Marshmallow Manifesto but then you’ll really laugh at me.

Looks more like the Marshmallow squad, right? 😉

So yeah, I need help. Maybe I should have a contest? Someone on Facebook suggested I use the word ‘rescue’ in the title because it’s a recurring theme throughout the first book and I love that idea…
I think I’m brain dead. Maybe that’s my problem. Anyone have any suggestions? Is the marshmallow squad cheering you on? Look, they’re so happy and in love. Precious little huggable marshmallows…
Oh, and if you would pretty please go like my Facebook page, I would adore you forever. I have fun stuff to announce in the next few days. Contests and stuff…yippee!