Happy Halloween from D+F

jackolanternI shared this on my Facebook page last week but in case you missed it, here is a special, random Halloween scene written in Drew’s point of view. Enjoy!




“So?” My girl does a twirl, her extra short red and white skirt flaring out and all I see are slender thighs I want to put my hands on. “What do you think?”

I restrain myself. Wouldn’t do us any good if I rushed her, pushed her onto the couch and had my way with her. We’d never make it to the stupid Halloween party she wants to go to so bad. “I think you’re my every cheerleader fantasy come to life.”

Fable smiles, her glossy pink lips sexy as fuck and I breathe deep. Tell myself to keep it together. “You have a lot of cheerleader fantasies Drew?”

“Not really,” I whisper, giving in to my urge. I grab her, making her squeal when I haul her in close. Slipping my arms around her waist, I rest my hands directly on her ass, beneath the short skirt. “You’re my every fantasy. Just you.”

Before she can say a word, I’m kissing her, satisfaction running through my veins when she melts into me easily. So easily. Her arms wind around my neck, her fingers in my hair as she opens to me. Our tongues slide together, her addictive taste igniting my blood and a growl escapes when she writhes that hot little body against mine.

“Forget the party,” she murmurs against my mouth seconds, minutes later. Somehow my hands are beneath her panties, gripping soft, smooth flesh and she’s panting. Hard. “Let me do a cheer routine in the bedroom. Just for you.”

“Strip cheer?” I ask, grinning as I raise my brows.

She slaps my chest, her fingers lingering, gathering the fabric of my T-shirt and tugging. I have no idea what sort of costume I was supposed to wear but I don’t think that much matters now. “Pervert,” she says, her soft voice full of amusement.

“That was the plan though, right?” I kiss her again, lick her lower lip before I capture it between my teeth. She yelps when I sink my teeth deeper and I let her go, take her hand and drag her back to our bedroom.

“I expect payment in candy,” she says on a laugh. “For the stripping.”

“Baby, I’ll pay you with more than just candy,” I say. “That’s a promise.”


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  1. Paris says:

    Man, I love Drew and Fable. Thanks for this!

  2. Valerie says:

    Love me some Drew!

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