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Let’s Talk About Violet

faithful violetWe are three weeks away from OWNING VIOLET releasing so I thought I’d take the next few Tuesdays to reveal to you my couple, Violet Fowler and Ryder McKay.

Violet is much like the flower she’s named for. Faithful, loyal…to a fault. When OWNING VIOLET opens, she’s with another man, her boyfriend Zachary Lawrence. She has expectations from Zachary, natural ones. She expects their relationship is headed to the next step. A big step. But it’s not. And she’s disappointed.

Not for long though. Enter Ryder McKay and he’s about to change her life completely. Violet doesn’t know what to think of Ryder. He makes her nervous. He confuses her. He excites her. And more than anything…he arouses her.

What I like about Violet is she seems weak at first. Quiet. Like she’ll just take and take what everyone shovels at her and never says a word. But as the story unfolds, she becomes stronger. She starts to speak up for herself. She fights for what she wants. She goes after what she wants. Violet discovers herself and she has to give credit where credit is due.

To Ryder. And while at first he may have been playing a game in the hopes of making a huge personal gain, he soon realizes that strong, smart and sexy Violet Fowler has captured his heart. And he’s hopeless to her charms…

You can find all the preorder info you’ll ever want on the OWNING VIOLET web page. Want to see photo inspiration for The Fowler Sisters series? Check out my Phandsinterest page. I’ve added a lot of images lately (Pinterest is the biggest time suck in all the land!).

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