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Happy Halloween from D+F

jackolanternI shared this on my Facebook page last week but in case you missed it, here is a special, random Halloween scene written in Drew’s point of view. Enjoy!




“So?” My girl does a twirl, her extra short red and white skirt flaring out and all I see are slender thighs I want to put my hands on. “What do you think?”

I restrain myself. Wouldn’t do us any good if I rushed her, pushed her onto the couch and had my way with her. We’d never make it to the stupid Halloween party she wants to go to so bad. “I think you’re my every cheerleader fantasy come to life.”

Fable smiles, her glossy pink lips sexy as fuck and I breathe deep. Tell myself to keep it together. “You have a lot of cheerleader fantasies Drew?”

“Not really,” I whisper, giving in to my urge. I grab her, making her squeal when I haul her in close. Slipping my arms around her waist, I rest my hands directly on her ass, beneath the short skirt. “You’re my every fantasy. Just you.”

Before she can say a word, I’m kissing her, satisfaction running through my veins when she melts into me easily. So easily. Her arms wind around my neck, her fingers in my hair as she opens to me. Our tongues slide together, her addictive taste igniting my blood and a growl escapes when she writhes that hot little body against mine.

“Forget the party,” she murmurs against my mouth seconds, minutes later. Somehow my hands are beneath her panties, gripping soft, smooth flesh and she’s panting. Hard. “Let me do a cheer routine in the bedroom. Just for you.”

“Strip cheer?” I ask, grinning as I raise my brows.

She slaps my chest, her fingers lingering, gathering the fabric of my T-shirt and tugging. I have no idea what sort of costume I was supposed to wear but I don’t think that much matters now. “Pervert,” she says, her soft voice full of amusement.

“That was the plan though, right?” I kiss her again, lick her lower lip before I capture it between my teeth. She yelps when I sink my teeth deeper and I let her go, take her hand and drag her back to our bedroom.

“I expect payment in candy,” she says on a laugh. “For the stripping.”

“Baby, I’ll pay you with more than just candy,” I say. “That’s a promise.”

Troubled Tuesday #2

Only two weeks left until GAME FOR TROUBLE releases! Yay! So so excited. Have you added it to your Goodreads shelf yet? I’d love it if you did. If sexy football players do it for you then I think you’ll love the Game for It series!

Here’s another teaser – a sexier moment (warning – adult!) between Nick and Willow:

“Don’t give me any grief, woman. I’m not in the mood. We having this date tonight or what?”

“You tell me. Do you have plans to take me somewhere?” Heat zinged through her body. They needed to get out of her house. Before something dangerous happened.

Like the two of them falling into bed together. She’d changed clothes earlier, giving up on him even showing, but here he was, and here she stood. Wearing yoga pants and ready for bed.

Bed. Gulp.

He contemplated her, his jaw hard, his mouth grim. “If I told you where I wanted to take you tonight, I’m afraid you might slap my face.”

She went damp at his dark tone, his even darker stare. “Maybe I want you to take me there,” she whispered.

Oh crap. After worrying about something dangerous happening, she went and said that. What the hell was wrong with her?

Both brows went up as if he were surprised. Silly man. Didn’t he know how much she wanted him? Though honestly, even she wasn’t sure how much she wanted him. Her feelings for Nick confused the hell out of her. “Maybe you should hear where I’m talking about first before you jump to that conclusion.”


“Go ahead then. Say it.” She practically dared him to.

“All righty then. I want to take you inside your house, into your bedroom.” He took a step closer to her, his eyes never leaving her face. “Then I’m going to take off all your clothes until that pretty little body of yours is naked. Just for me.”

She swallowed hard, her mouth dry. Sounded good so far.

He advanced another step. “Then I’m going to strip off my clothes, because it’s not fair, spending quality time together with only one of us being naked and all.” Another step, until he was so close, his feet brushed against hers. “So once we’re both naked, I’m going to take you to your bed. Where I will keep on taking. And taking. And taking.”

Willow gave a little nod when he paused. Wanting him to continue. Desperate for him to continue. “And then?” she croaked.

He smiled—the first one she’d seen from him in a while. Even while watching him on TV playing his game yesterday, he’d been so grim faced and determined through most of it. Enough for the commentators to make constant remarks during the entire game, wondering at his somber, sad attitude. “And then I’m going to give you multiple orgasms. So many you’re probably gonna beg me to stop. Because they’ll end up taking you to another realm.”

She blinked—couldn’t find the strength to say a word, considering her head had just been wiped clean of all brain cells by what he’d just said to her. The heated promise in Nick’s voice, his smoldering gaze as he watched her… His eyes dropped to the door handle she gripped so tightly that surely she was white-knuckling it.

“Shut the door, darlin’.” Without thought she did as he asked, letting out a gasp when he grabbed hold of her hand and tugged, pulling her to him. “Come here.” He slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her close, causing her to collide into warm, solid man. She pressed her hands against his chest, lifted her lids so she could meet his searing gaze. He stared at her, his eyes dropping to her mouth for a long, lingering moment before he finally met her gaze once more.

“So we’re staying in tonight?” she asked weakly.

He grinned, his bright smile making her stomach flutter. “Definitely.”

Enjoy? You can preorder GAME FOR TROUBLE at: Amazon | B&N | iBooks

Second Chance Boyfriend Quote-a-palooza Contest!


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Second Chance Boyfriend Quote-a-palooza Contest

*squee* Drew and Fable are coming to paperback on November 5th and it’s time to celebrate! Share your favorite quotes from SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND. Get creative, have fun and of course, win something fabulous.

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