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NAmazing Adventure!

Welcome to my stop on the NAmazing Adventure, a blog hop featuring over 60 New Adult authors, and prize packs that include ARCs, signed books, gift cards, swag, and more! If you’re not sure what the NAmazing Adventure is, please click HERE to start from the beginning and read the complete rules on the NA Alley website. Now let’s get this journey on the road!

Temporary. That’s the word I’d use to describe my life right now. I’m temporarily working double shifts–at least until I can break free. I’m temporarily raising my little brother–since apparently our actual mother doesn’t give a crap about either of us. And I always end up as nothing but the temporary girlfriend–the flavor of the week for every guy who’s heard the rumor that I give it up so easily.

At least Drew Callahan, football legend and local golden boy, is upfront about it. He needs someone to play the part of his girlfriend for one week. In exchange for cash. As if that’s not weird enough, ever since he brought me into his world, nothing really makes sense. Everyone hates me. Everyone wants something from him. And yet the only thing Drew seems to want is…me.

I don’t know what to believe anymore. Drew is sweet, sexy, and hiding way more secrets than I am. All I know is, I want to be there for him–permanently.

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Want A Drew Bonus Scene?

Do you want to get in Drew’s head and see what he was thinking when he wrote the first marshmallow letter to Fable at the end of One Week Girlfriend? Then you need to VOTE FOR DREW in the NA Crush Tourney!!

Tomorrow he goes against Rush Finlay, from Abbi Glines’ delicious Fallen Too Far series. Hey, even I have a Rush Crush going on – I’m a huge fan of Abbi’s, just like y’all are! So the competition is fierce. It’ll be a match to end all matches! (I feel like the announcer in a boxing ring right now)

So I need your help peeps. We gotta vote for Drew and help him WIN in order to get this never before seen, exclusive excerpt!! I need all your voting weapons locked and loaded because we must come out with guns a blazin’!

**Edited to add: Here’s the link to VOTE:
And enter the amazing contest Valerie at Stuck in Books is hosting! She’s been the most amazing advocate EVER!!

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Indulgent Pleasures for only 99 cents!

INDULGENT PLEASURES, the very sexy contemporary romance novel I wrote as  Karen Erickson is on sale now through July for only 99 cents!!
Writer Stephanie Shaw is on the fast track to getting her own column in San Francisco’s City magazine. Researching the most popular sexual fantasies of the young and single in the city sounds hello…awesome. But she has one big problem: no one will ing to help put her extensive research to the test.

Enter former pro baseball superstar Justin “The Hawk” Hawkins. He didn’t plan on having a one-night stand in a freaking limo with the beautiful, klutzy Stephanie. Once he has her though, he can’t stop thinking about her. Soon they’re hooking up everywhere, having the hottest affair imaginable. Making all of their secret fantasies come true…and then some.

Media-shy Justin has no idea Stephanie’s a writer–and sharing their sexual escapades with the entire city via her column. As they fall deeper, Stephanie’s conflicted. Tell the sweetly gorgeous Justin about her anonymous column detailing their every encounter or keep it a secret and risk getting caught? He’d never forgive her for doing such a thing.

Or would he?

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