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Authors Luncheon Giveaway!

Are you going to Book Bash in Orlando? If so, would you like to win a chance to go to lunch with me and an amazing group of authors on Friday, June 28th? Well, check this out:

You can go enter the contest over at Mary Elizabeth’s Crazy Book Obsession – good luck!

Indulgent Pleasures Redux

I wrote a book a few years ago as Karen Erickson…a very sexy full length novel entitled INDULGENT PLEASURES. This book is near and dear to my heart. I had so much fun writing it. Stephanie and Justin just spoke to me…and let me tell you, those two were insatiable for each other!

So I had the cover redesigned by the amazing Emma Hart – peeps, not only is she a great writer, but she makes beautiful covers. I added my Monica name to it because I’m hoping those readers out there who know me as Monica and like the sexier stuff might enjoy this book.

Writer Stephanie Shaw is on the fast track to getting her own column in San Francisco’s City magazine. Researching the most popular sexual fantasies of the young and single in the city sounds hello…awesome. But she has one big problem: no one will ing to help put her extensive research to the test.

Enter former pro baseball superstar Justin “The Hawk” Hawkins. He didn’t plan on having a one-night stand in a freaking limo with the beautiful, klutzy Stephanie. Once he has her though, he can’t stop thinking about her. Soon they’re hooking up everywhere, having the hottest affair imaginable. Making all of their secret fantasies come true…and then some.

Media-shy Justin has no idea Stephanie’s a writer–and sharing their sexual escapades with the entire city via her column. As they fall deeper, Stephanie’s conflicted. Tell the sweetly gorgeous Justin about her anonymous column detailing their every encounter or keep it a secret and risk getting caught? He’d never forgive her for doing such a thing.

Or would he?

Find it at: Amazon | B&N | Smashwords | Kobo | All Romance eBooks

Contest Time!

My friend Brandy makes beautiful, fun jewelry. She’s very talented. She’s also a big reader and she loves, loves books. She’s the one who made the fabulous marshmallow necklace I gave away when Second Chance Boyfriend came out. Check out her etsy store All Things Enchanted.

Well, she made something special for me to give away and I’m so excited! Check out these keychains!
Her favorite Drew¬†+ Fable quotes! So freaking cute right? Well, I’m giving one of each away right here, right now. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Contest runs through Wednesday. Good luck!

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