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Book Bash!

I’m here in Orlando for Book Bash…are you going? Will you be there? Please make sure to stop by and see me! Unfortunately I won’t have any books for sale but I will have excerpt booklets for both One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend. Plus postcards for my upcoming book Crave that has a link that will take you to a special excerpt!

Can’t wait to meet you!

Team Drew!

So Drew is nominated for the NA Crush Tourney sponsored by the NA Alley blog and Val at Stuck in Books is Drew’s advocate. She is working hard people for Drew and his round is coming up this Tuesday, July 2nd!

Want to know how you can help? First, join our private Facebook street team, where we talk about all things Drew. There will be incentives people! Like special never before read excerpt incentives!!

So grab the badges and join us in supporting Drew!!!

Three Broken Promises First Chapter!!!

Yes, my darling friends, I’ve been given permission to share the prologue and first chapter from THREE BROKEN PROMISES, otherwise known as Jen and Colin’s book.

I’m both excited and nervous to share this with you. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think. I’m almost finished writing their book and I want you to love Jen and Colin as much as you love Drew¬†+ Fable. Those are some big (and scary!) shoes to fill!

*Edited to add: You can preorder THREE BROKEN PROMISES for your Kindle here. And you can add TBP to your Goodreads shelves here.

So here you go. Please note – this version is unedited so please forgive all typos and errors. This version is also subject to change in regards to the final book.