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Summer Lovin’ Indie Party!

Peeps, you really need to come to this if you can. The list of authors appearing is amazing. And we get to party down together! How cool is that? Click on the above banner for all the details!

Jen & Colin…

They’re talking to me. Whispering in my ear, hanging out in my head, telling me their story. They were a mystery to me when I wrote Second Chance Boyfriend. In fact, Jen is named for a reader who won a contest. She was supposed to be a walk on secondary character – and she turned into Fable’s (now) best friend. Colin was only going to be Fable’s unpredictable boss. But as time went on I knew I wanted to tell his story.

And then Jen told me she was a major part of his story so that was that.

Their book is called Three Broken Promises and that title works perfectly for their story. He thinks he’s broken numerous promises to her and her brother and her entire family. Colin is filled with tremendous guilt and will do anything to protect Jen. She means everything to him.

But she doesn’t want his guilt. She just wants…him.

You know what this means. As I get deeper into the writing process of this book, I’ll be sharing excerpts. Teasing you. Driving you all crazy because that’s what I’m best at right? *winks*

Brenda Novak Auction

Every year author Brenda Novak holds her annual online auction for Juvenile Diabetes research. Have you ever checked this auction out? Oh. My. Word. Amazing things are up for bid. Items for readers, for writers…there’s stuff for everyone!

I’m participating in the auction this year. Offering something for both readers and writers. Check it out!

For readers: A Drew + Fable themed gift basket, including a a cute tote bag and T-shirt, autographed print copies of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend, a sweet necklace with a marshmallow charm and plenty of Drew + Fable swag. You can make your bid here.

For writers: I will offer up a cover quote. I’ll read your book and endorse it! My stamp of approval! (I must confess I’m flattered any of my fellow writers would even want me to blurb your book for you.) You can make your bid here.

Please consider making a bid for such a worthy cause. Brenda is a stand up lady for taking this on every year. The contribution she makes to diabetes research is amazing!

Check out the rest of the auction here.