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Book News!

I have fabulous news for those of you who are looking for more books by me…I just signed a three book contract with Avon Impulse! Whee!

Details are still being hammered out but I can tell you this:
— This series is a little different from One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend. It’s about three best friends who just so happen to be extremely rich.
— These three best friends make a really stupid bet that they won’t fall in love with a woman and get tied down. The stakes are high and the last man standing wins a ton of cash.
— Guess what? I’m not going to let one of those men win. HA. This is a given.
— The three women who come into their lives are strong, independent and know what they want. No simpering virgins allowed!
— There will be lots of men in suits. Oh fine, there will be men like this:
— This series is sexier than OWG or SCB. Ooh la la.
— The series will be set in San Francisco and the Napa Valley. I think this means I need to take a trip. Research baby!
— All three books will be written in first person, alternating POV (meaning you get to be in her head and his head. I really love being in his head).
— The first book’s couple have known each other for years. As in, Archer is Ivy’s older brother’s best friend. Forbidden crush and all that naughty business, right?
— The first book will release in August.
So yay! More books! I’m excited! I hope you are too my lovely readers! Ask questions if you want more details and hopefully I can answer!

Fable’s Voicemail for Drew…

Here it is, you guys (thanks for helping me get to 800 followers on Twitter!). An exclusive glimpse at the voicemail Fable leaves Drew after he left her at the end of One Week Girlfriend. Sigh. Drew, Drew, Drew…I love him. I also want to slap him sometimes. I think plenty of you will agree.


I don’t know why you won’t return my texts…but you need to know I don’t do this, Drew. I don’t beg people to see me, to call me. I have too much pride for that sort of thing.
But for you…I think you’re worth it. You’re worth my begging because I care for you and I know you care for me too. What happened last week between us…we might never have a chance at that again. I don’t want to go through my life filled with what ifs and regrets.
I definitely don’t regret you. I love you, but I guess I’m an idiot because clearly I love someone who doesn’t love me back. And that hurts so bad I don’t know if I can…*sobs*
Call me back. That’s all I ask of you. Just…call me. If you don’t, then I know where I stand. I know where we stand.
And I really want there to be a we for us, Drew. More than you could ever know…

What Fable wishes she was doing to Drew vs. leaving him a sad voicemail.


I must confess…when I started writing ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND, I had no intentions of making a certain word such an important part of the story. It just sort of happened. Would you like to hear the story of how it came to be? Sure you do! Let’s go…

Once upon a time, there was a crazy writer (that would be me) who needed a random rescue word for her precious Drew to use when he needs Fable’s help. During this time, Christmas is happening all around me. The writer may have indulged during the holiday season and bought those homemade caramel covered marshmallows Williams Sonoma sells. Have you ever tried those things?

To die for.

Anywho, it came to the silly, stressed out writer after she downed one of those marshmallowy delicious bad boys…


Totally random. Even the writer’s mom (she read the book! she loves Drew + Fable! squee!) asked, “Where’d you come up with marshmallow?”

Um, that’s how.

The word marshmallow plays an important part in the second book too. From the beginning to the end, it’s used. In a variety of ways. Drew keeps me on my toes and forces me to be very creative. He is a closet romantic. But of course, only for Fable. That boy is a complete sucker for love…

The Pretty Woman reference above is on purpose, peeps. I know so many of you have referenced it. Hell, I reference it in the book. They may think it’s impossible but trust me….Drew + Fable definitely want the fairytale. Together.


Viva la marshmallow!