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I’m going to have a special guest on the blog tomorrow so I’m bumping up Teaser Tuesday to Monday so….this is a good thing people! You get your special little tease from SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND a day early!

Look it’s Drew & Fable. *sigh*

This one is short but sweet. In fact, it’s one of my favorite lines out of the entire book. I have a few, but this one is just so Fable. You gotta love her. I know I do.

I’m tempted to turn and scratch her eyes out but I restrain myself. After all, I’m the one who had him naked and between my legs earlier today. Drew Callahan belongs to me.

What do you think? You’re probably all thinking I’m freaking mean…*winks*

Go add Second Chance Boyfriend to your Goodreads shelf pretty please!

Second Chance Boyfriend Playlist

I thought about waiting until we got closer to SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND’s release date but…what the heck. Let’s share the playlist.

Some of these songs make me wanna tear up just listening to them (hello Wanted by Hunter Hayes – that is so Drew’s song to Fable). Some are when the mood is angsty (hello Jesus Christ by Brand New…that’s a Drew song) or angry (that would be Doll Parts by Hole – totally Fable’s song). You can subscribe to the playlist if you want if you’re on Spotify though uh…I’m not quite sure how. Sigh. I’m sorta lame when it comes to figuring out Spotify. You’re lucky I was able to figure out how to embed the list.

Tell me if you like any of these songs, hate them, know of any others you think should be on it. Let’s talk music people! 

Teaser Tuesday!

Every Tuesday until its April 9th release date, I will tease you with a tiny excerpt from Second Chance Boyfriend. Are you ready for the torture…whoops, I mean excerpt?

I stare at my stupid little poem that the girl I love will never read. I draw little squiggly lines around it. A cursive F, just like I was taught in elementary school. Her name. Fable. A story. A myth. A fairy tale. She’s my story. I want to live and breathe and die for her and she has no idea how much she consumes my thoughts. To the point I think of nothing else. I’d rather sit in class and write her love poems with secret messages in them than pay attention to what’s really going on my life.

What a fucking mess I am.
Aren’t I mean? It’s torture to me that I can’t share the poems he writes. Because I took this marshmallow note thing to a whole new level with this book. It was so much fun. Drew is such a tortured, romantic soul…
Have you added Second Chance Boyfriend to your Goodreads shelf? Well, you should. Oh, and did you know you can purchase print copies of One Week Girlfriend now? Both at Amazon and Createspace. Yay….