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Oh my gosh, well you all overwhelmingly chose Drew’s Fable as your choice for the title for the second book and I love that…but I’m not 100% sure that’s going to work. So I’m still on the fence (I know, I’m so indecisive). My choices are narrowed down though, and I will be revealing both the title and the cover (squee!) hopefully in the next few weeks!!

So a huge HUGE thank you to everyone who came out and voted. I appreciate all of your help. But hey! Let’s get down to the winners.

I drew two names. The winners will each receive a $10 Amazon gift card PLUS they’ll be characters in the second book. The winners are…


Congratulations! I’ll be emailing you both later this morning!

Winner + New Contest!

Can I say again just how amazing you all are? Stopping by here on the blog, at Goodreads, on my Facebook page, sending me emails with your title suggestions for Drew + Fable’s second book. So many amazing title choices. I had a heck of a time narrowing them down. But…drumroll please….here are my final choices:

Drew’s Fable

Saving Drew

One Week Boyfriend

Choosing Forever

Choosing Fable

Too Caught Up

Forever Rescued

Second Chance Boyfriend

One and Only Girlfriend

One Love Forever

Funny honorable mentions:

Adele Gets Hers

Bury Adele

Adele Burn in Hell <--- I came up with that one (snickers)

New contest! Choose which title from above is your favorite and let me know in the comments. Make sure you leave your email address! I’m going to randomly pick two lucky winners. What’s the prize? I’m going to name two characters in the new book after my winners! (oh, plus you might get a little something else too. Like a $10 Amazon gift card) Contest closes Tuesday January 29th and winner will be announced Wednesday, January 30th! Good luck!

psst –  I am so excited to name my characters after the winners! They will be working with Fable because she gets a new job at this ultra hip restaurant/bar and the owner is super sexy and….whoops! Sorry I can’t tell you anything else! *zips lips*

And finally, let’s announce the name the second book contest winner which was chosen by random draw….


Congratulations! You’re the winner of a $20 Amazon gift card! But you didn’t leave your email address so please email me at missmonicamurphy @ (minus spaces)!!


I’m sharing with you the first few lines from Drew + Fable’s next book. I know, I know. I should be doing a big reveal and having a contest and giving it some big buzz but hell. I can’t resist. You know you want to read it. So here you go:

Have you ever done something so incredibly stupid the guilt and regret hangs over you like the darkest, heaviest cloud? Blurring your judgment, consuming your soul until it’s the only thing you can see, hear or think about?
I have. I’ve done a lot of things I regret, that fill me with guilt. But the absolute worst is the thing I did yesterday.
I left the girl I love alone, naked in her bed. Like some sort of macho asshole who uses a girl for sex and then leaves her–that’s me. I’ve turned into that guy.
But I’m not that guy. I love the girl I left alone naked in her bed. I just don’t deserve her.
And I know it.
Tell me…what do you think? And if you haven’t read ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND, what are you waiting for? *winks*
psst…the name Drew + Fable’s second book contest is still going strong but it ends Sunday! Check it out here.